[Histonet] Does anyone have a spare tissue processor that is getting in the way?

From:"Peter Bannister"

Hello again Histonetters,

I realise that this is a slightly cheeky message, but I need to ask if any 
of you (particularly those based in the UK) have an old carousel style 
tissue processor taking up valuable storage space in your lab?
We are currently setting up a new research lab here in london that will have 
a relatively low specimen throughput and a rather limited equipment budget. 
We would therefore be eternally grateful if you would allow us to help you 
dispose of your old kit!
We will of course collect and I will personally chip in towards your 
christmas party.

Yes it's cheeky - but 'if you don't ask, you don't get!'
If you can help, please contact me directly. Many thanks for your time.
Peter Bannister

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