[Histonet] Cutting defect and blade adjustement

From:Jorge Tornero

Please help me about the right knife angle for cutting technovit 7100
blocks with a leica tungsten carbide knife. I use a leica RM 2145

I am using a freshly sharpened knife, but I get some sharp lines on
the cuttings (you know, those that appear all the way long in the cut
and in the same place) anyway. It is the first time that the knife is
sharpened. Also I hear a buzzing noise when I cut, it seems like if
the block causes some vibration in the blade, but it is well fastened.
I have tried to decrease speed when cutting but it doesn't work at
all. Now I am using a kind of moulds bigger than those that I used
before, I don't know if I should trim the block edge to make it
narrower and ease the cutting this way. any suggestions, please?

Thank you very much

Jorge Tornero

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