[Histonet] Cryojane/gentle jane

From:Anita Jennings


I purchased what I believe was one of the first cryojane apparatus from
Instrumedics when I ran the Histology Core Facility at Mayo Clinic in
Scottsdale AZ. It took some getting use to but it made some beautiful
frozen sections. The supplies tend to be on the expensive side but it
doesn't look like the cost has gone up too much in the last ten years. I
was pleased enough with both the product and the customer service that  I
just recently purchased both the paraffin and the frozen apparatus for my
lab in Nebraska. The only problem I ever had, after initially learning the
technique, was the matrix of the 'tape' or the slide showed up when I did
fluorescent staining. It had a honeycomb appearance under the FITC
wavelength that we were viewing and it was hard to see the positive
staining. When I presented this problem to the R&D people at Instrumedics,
they developed a mounting media that did a good job in alleviating it.  I
work with whole mouse embryos so I had to customize the standard procedure
a bit. I am willing to share more of the intricacies of my Instrumedics
experience with you and/or the scientist in personal correspondence if you
would like specifics.

One of the scientist I work with is looking into purchasing a cryojane.
Does anyone have any experiance with this piece of equipment.  Also the
gentle jane for snap frozens.


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