[Histonet] Cartilage and decalcification

From:Gayle Callis

>Articular cartilage located over the ends of bones in joints does not need 
>decalcification unless you pull it off adjacent to the bone and bone 
>fragments remain attached to the cartilage.  Cartilagenous matrix in 
>epiphysis of developing long bones will calcify hence there is such a 
>thing as calcified cartilage.  Young individuals will have calcifying 
>cartilage present in the areas of growth plate between epiphysis and 
>metaphysis.  You will see this as columns of developing bone where 
>cartilage matrix is calcifying.

>A good histology textbook, not one that is for HISTOTECHNOLOGY, but to 
>teach tissue morphology and how organs form, etc will explain bone bone 
>formation from prenatal endochondral bone formation to a mature, adult 

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