Re: [Histonet] fibrin for cell blocks

From:Robert Krug

Linda:  See Histonet archive  If 
you include your cell suspension into the mix, the same process should 
work.  You should be able to get the reagents from any company selling 
coagulation reagents.

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Bob Krug
St Louis, Missouri

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08/18/2004 03:28 PM

        Subject:        [Histonet] fibrin for cell blocks

Dear Histonetters: 
Does anyone have experience using fibrin or another substance as a
matrix to add a cell suspension to when  making cell blocks.  My
colleague wants to make cell blocks to section and stain for a research
study but there will only be a small amount of cellular material.  She
remembers seeing this done in the past but needs to know where to obtain
the reagnets and what procedures to follow. Thanks so much
Linda M
Histonet administrator

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