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Doing immuno manually is entirely dependent on the volume. In a lab where I worked previously, we would do up to 400 slides by hand (we had a panel of over 100 diffent immunos to choose from). This was 8hrs HARD work. We had specially constructed perspex boxes to use as a moisture chamber, but in emergencies, large oblong Tupperware  containers with moistened filter paper or roller towel were also used. The slides would be raised from the paper by means of blank slides placed at right angles to the immuno slide so as to avoid  breaking nails when trying to overcome  the surface tensiion that would suck the slide down onto the surface.

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Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 13:59:05 EDT
Subject: [Histonet] doing immunos by hand

does anyone still do immunos by hand or are they all done with these $40 
billion automated machines?

i would like to see what the options are as far as doing these things 

primarily for derm specimens, HMB 45, S 100, KI 67.

any help is appreciated,
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