Re: [Histonet] decal solution on Immuno. stains

From:Sharon Cooperman

I (a rank amateur compared to most of the people on the Histonet) 
have used BBC Rapid-Cal Immuno on mouse bones for Immuno and was very 
pleased with the results.  It has formic acid in it.  Their phone 
number is (360)629-4477 and they are very helpful with suggestions. 
They told me to use around 90 minutes for my mouse bones (at room 
temp) after fixation and that was perfect.  Although I'm not as 
knowledgable as many others on the Histonet and there are probably 
better suggestions (which I would love to hear about) the fact that a 
person at my level of experience could get things to work well the 
first time with this reagent is probably a good recommendation for it.

Good Luck!

>Any suggestions on what type of Decal. solution is good for Immuno. stains?
>I will have mouse bones to stain
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