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From:Gayle Callis

What mouse on mouse kit are you using?  Vector M.O.M. ? Normally you use 
the biotinylated  antimouse antibody provided with these special kits or at 
least find out from kit manufacturers what their secondary antibody 
concentration is in terms of ug/ml. Once you know what they recommend in 
terms of Their tech services often are helpful with this.  Then it may be 
possible to substitute your biotinylated antimouse secondary for theirs.

Yes, you would still have to do a mouse on mouse block since you have a 
secondary that is anti-mouse?  Is this a new thing? A new, separate mouse 
on mouse blocking kit?    Or are the ms on ms blocking reagents part of a 
mouse on mouse staining kit?

M.O.M. indicates the abbreviation for mouse on mouse kit from VECTOR.

  At 11:39 AM 8/19/2004, you wrote:
>Hi histoneters,
>I am doing immunohisto with mouse tissue and using mouse antihuman as a 
>first AB. My secondary is a goat anti mouse fab fragment. With this 
>combination, do I have to use a MOM blocking kit to prevent nonspecific 
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