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This has been discussed before - I don't think there are any LEGAL reasons 
to keep a pregnant woman out of the gross room.  Personally, when I was 
pregnant (#6) I was ordered in writing by my high risk OB to stay away from Formalin and Xylene, and the large 
company complied by giving me a medical LOA.   When I was pregnant (#3) 
and worked for a Tox Lab at the University of Tennessee, the tox PhDs 
suggested I stay away from Formalin and Xylene.  When pregnant (#4) and 
working in a California hospital where they did 2nd term abortions, I 
couldn't bear seeing the 'products of conception' - so the hospital 
complied and I didn't have to work in the gross room.  There hasn't been a 
full blown study on birth defects/affects and low level exposure to 
chemicals in the histology lab (as far as I know).   I think it would be a 
great study for the NSH to sponsor, or maybe by one of the big Histology 
Retrospectively, I would not have worked in a histology lab during my 
pregnancies.   Since hindsight is 20/20 - I would have sent all four of my 
kids to boarding school as soon as they became teenagers, too - - - - - oh 

Jackie O' 

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Humm...If your gross room is following OSHA standards (formaldehyde 
limits) and Universal Precautions (blood and body fluid precautions) than
ANYONE can work in your gross room. If not, NOBODY can work in your gross
room.  Pregnancy is not an issue.

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I really need something in writing to clarify that a pregnant woman
cannot not work in the grossroom.

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