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From:"Connie McManus"

Why?  What's in  your grossing room that would require you to request
support for such a strict ban?  There are all kinds of hazards in a
laboratory environment that are not good for a fetus, but then, they
aren't good for the people who work there, either.  Also, each lab is
different.  Some places have good ventilation and provide the very best
in PPE.  Other's aren't so good.  I've known many pregnant women who
have worked in grossing rooms, morgues, labs, etc (I'm one of them) and
I see a great and urgent need to provide the very best in protective
apparel, safety and proper ventilation, but never have I felt a woman
should be banned from any area just because she is pregnant.  I feel
that is a very personal thing that the woman, the employer and her
physician should consult and concur on.  So, again, I ask you why?  I
understand there are liability issues that are a  more recent problem,
but these are conflicting in nature:  prevent her from working just
because she's pregnant and that's discrimination.  If she has a baby
with birth defects, you've got  a liability issue. Pick you poiso & have

Just a thought

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I really need something in writing to clarify that a pregnant woman
cannot not work in the grossroom.

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