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I do all my immunos by hand and haven't spent a penny on 'stainers', be
they large or small.  Question is, how many will you be doing at one
time?  If you're only doing a small amount, an old slide box works
wonderfully, put some moist paper towels in the bottom, shut the lid and
you've got yourself an incubation chamber.  I would only recommend kits
if you are a beginner.  They are a HUGE waste of money.

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Biocare Medical has some equipment that you might be able to use. They
these slide shakers (Kinetic Stainers) that can hold either 24 or 36
They have heaters that heat up to 95 degrees C. I used these until my
pathologists decided to go to the $40 billion machines. I still have
them as
a back up, just in case.
    They also have a wide variety of primary antibodies and detection
Their number is 1-800-799-9499.
    They also have great technical support, in my opinion, which in no
reflects the opinions of my employers.

    I know I'm gonna get "flamed" on this one, but I like excitement.

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Subject: [Histonet] doing immunos by hand

> does anyone still do immunos by hand or are they all done with these
> billion automated machines?
> i would like to see what the options are as far as doing these things
> manually.
> primarily for derm specimens, HMB 45, S 100, KI 67.
> any help is appreciated,
> curt
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