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I do all my immunos by hand (up to 80 slides at a time) using the
MicroProbe Staining system from Fisher.  The system operates by means of
special slides that have a painted surface and a special slide holder.
When paired together (facing each other) a capillary gap is created that
allows fluids to rise between the two slides using capillary action.
You don't need to purchase the complete set up either, just the special
slide holders and isolons (rubber pads with wells to dispense reagents).
I think each slide holder (to stain 20 slides at once) runs around
$250.00.  I'm not sure about the isolons, but they are not that expense
and are re-usable. I routinely use a large panel of antibodies,
including the ones you mentioned. Check the Fisher catalog for more

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Subject: [Histonet] doing immunos by hand

does anyone still do immunos by hand or are they all done with these $40

billion automated machines?

i would like to see what the options are as far as doing these things 

primarily for derm specimens, HMB 45, S 100, KI 67.

any help is appreciated,
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