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	I think Gary's got it.  58 degrees C should only be too hot if the
slides were placed in the oven too soon after mounting as we have
found--although, decreasing the temperature will indeed slow the solvent's
rate of evaporation.  Try delaying your oven cure time and see if that

Good luck!

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Air bubbles form because there is not enough solid material remaining under
the cover glass after the solvent has evaporate.  Among possible causes:

*	RAS put out a bad batch of mounting medium (i.e., more solvent than
*	Not enough mounting medium being applied
*	Accelerated drying (e.g., oven too hot [58 degrees C is not too hot,
in my experience]) -- how soon after coverslipping are slides put in oven?
Right away could make a negative difference.

Simplest first solution is to add more mounting medium, while appreciating
that way too much degrades image quality under 40x objectives -- which would
be the subject of another discussion.

Little useful information has ever been published about mounting media.  The
best information was published as a 2-part article in Stain Technology in
the 1950s.  Authors were a committee chaired by the late and great Dr. Ralph
D. Lillie.

Gary Gill

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Hello fellow Histonetters,

We are having a big problem with air bubbles under our coverslips before
filing.  We use Richard Allan mounting media and the slides in the trays are
placed in an oven set at 58 degrees C overnight.  I am thinking the oven may
be part of the problem but was wondering what the process is out there in

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