[Histonet] Re: mol wt of mu, kappa,delta opiod receptors

From:Andrew Gray

Hi Arvind,

Unfortunately this is not a simple question to answer.   You can calculate the theoretical MW of the receptor proteins from their amino acid sequences, but then the party is spoilt by post-traslational modifications, not to mention the many isoforms/splice variants of opioid receptors that exist, all of which have different MW's.   Of course you could look at a paper of a Western blots done to opioid receptors, being mindful that the receptors tend to dimerise, producing a second band.   What are your requirements?

Best wishes,

(Still a PhD student in opioid receptors)

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> Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 19:47:58 +0530
> From: "Arvind Pundir" 
> Subject: [Histonet] FW: mol wt of  mu, kappa,delta opiod receptors
> 		can any one tell mol. wt of mu,kappa,delta opiod
> receptors
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