[Histonet] Image analysis and slide scanning machine (Wester, Martha)

From:"Glenn Smith"

Hi Kim,

We supply such an instrument, our TISSUEscope - combining confocal scanning
laser microscopy and a wide field of view.  Depending on your resolution
requirements, the TISSUEscope can acquire a single image at up to 1 um
resolution with no mosaic and no tiling of images. A standard slide (1" x
3") is loaded into the machine and the rest of operations is via software.
We have another model which offers submicron resolution as well.  Both
brightfield and fluorescence detection is provided within the same
instrument.  Please feel free to contact me offline for more details.

Also, we will have one of these instruments at the NSH meeting in Toronto -
we'll be exhibiting in conjunction with Beecher Instruments.

Glenn Smith, P.Eng.
519.886.9013 x38

Biomedical Photometrics Inc/GeneFocus  Widefield Confocal Scanning Instruments and Software

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Hello everyone,
Years ago, I heard of a machine that you could load an entire slide into,
scan the slide and then do image analysis on the tissue.  I have no idea who
made this machine or even how to search for such a thing on the internet (or
the histonet archives).  If anyone has the name of this company, can someone
please let me know.
I am currently doing measurements of pancreatic islets as well as
measurements of whole mouse pancreas'.  I am needing to take 4-6 pictures
per pancreas in order to do this, and it is very time consuming (these
studies have up to 90 animals in them).  I need a quicker and easier way to
do this!

Kim Merriam
Cambridge, MA __________________________________________________
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