[Histonet] Endothelial cell staining

From:Jeremiah Lyons

I just wanted to thank all histonet users for replying to my e-mail on endothelial cell staining. 

To summarise my findings, von Willebrand Factor would work on Carnoy's fixed normal mouse tissue but I could not get it to work on my tumour sections. The tumour sections for some reason would not tolerate any antigen retrieval even proteinase K for only 30 seconds would destroy the tumour section. Maybe I didn't fix the tissue in the Carnoy's for long enough. I got no staining with no antigen retrieval.

I also tried the CD31 rat anti-mouse which is available from PharMingen. I got this to work on frozen sections but with alot of background staining which proved difficult to eliminate. Maybe my protocol was wrong or there is alot of endogenous peroxidases in my tumours.

I am especially grateful to John McGinley and Liz Chlipala who recommended the CD31 from Santa Cruz which worked exceptionally well first time of asking on formalin-fixed paraffin embedded tissue.


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