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From:"Lesley S. Bechtold"

Hi Everyone,

         Up here in Bar Harbor, Maine, we are trying to get an idea of what 
other Histology Labs are doing - how many people they have working in them, 
what they consider reasonable capacity, how much work they do in a year, 
how diversified they are, etc.  We are not interested in salary 
information.  We have created a bench-marking survey on our home website at 
http://www.jax.org/sci_survey/ .  Click on the "Histology" link and it will 
take you right to the survey.  You'll notice there are other surveys on 
there as well so if your institution/hospital/business carries out any 
other activities (such as Electron Microscopy), please feel free to 
complete those surveys as well.  It only takes a few minutes to complete 
and will remain completely confidential.  Anyone who participates in the 
survey will receive a copy of the results (with names, etc. deleted) within 
a few weeks.  We're aiming for the beginning of October to send the results 
to all the participants.  We will need your email address in order to send 
the results to you so make sure you include that.

         So we'd really like to hear from you.  I know how active the 
Histonet is so I'm hoping for a good response as I'm sure everyone will be 
interested in the results.  For anyone who is not interested in 
participating, I apologize for using up your time.  Please delete this email.

         Thank you!

Lesley Bechtold

Lesley S. Bechtold
Supervisor, Biological Imaging
The Jackson Laboratory
600 Main St.
Bar Harbor, ME 04609

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