[Histonet] Caspase 3 on mouse spleen


Good Morning Histonetters - 
Does anyone out there have experience with caspase-3 on mouse spleen?  I 
routinely perform Caspase-3 staining on xenografts, some gut, and a liver 
now and then - but just started looking at some spleens.  They're a mess. 
I see what appears to be a lot of nonspecific staining of histiocytes in 
the red pulp.  I'm staining immunocompetent mice, and repeated the stain 
with a naive SCID spleen - same staining pattern.  Can anyone give me any 
insight?  I'm using Pharmingen's 55965, Rabbit anti active Caspase-3. I've 
tried DAKO Envision, as well as an SABC method and get exactly the same 
staining.  I'm a bit baffled.  Any tidbits?

Jackie O'

Jacqueline M. O'Connor HT(ASCP)
Abbott Laboratories
Global Pharmaceutical Research and Development
Discovery Chemotherapeutics
Fax 847.938.3266
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