[Histonet] Blocks and slides for Research use

From:"Stapf, Ross"

What are other folks doing about requests for blocks or slides for
research use?

I am not talking about the patient getting approved for a clinical trial
of a drug or a second opinion.  We are getting swamped with requests for
straight research from various groups.  Some are internal to our
organization, but most are from outside research groups.  They all seem
to want 30 unstained slides or the blocks.  The latest one wants this
from over 90 cases.  We won't release the blocks at this time although
our lawyers are looking into that possibility.  These all have signed
consents or I wouldn't even consider it.

We have started trying to bill these research groups (not the patient)
for our time.  It is not for the patient's benefit, so if we can bill
Lawyers for legal cases we can bill these places that want to create
tissue banks on our slides.  I have not one problem doing this,
especially with the outrageous demands we have received lately.

The other issue is that the patient's tissue that we are required to
save for CAP regulations is being exhausted for these research
institutions.  Of course the reason for the regulations is so that if
new drugs and tests are developed that the tissue is available to be
tested, just like we all did when Her2Neu became available.  Even with a
consent, isn't it irresponsible to allow all of the tissue to be used by
these research companies?  Of course the other argument is without the
research there will be no new tests to do on the tissue.

Is anyone else experiencing this volume of research requests?  What are
you doing about it?

Ross M Stapf
Histopathology Manager
Baylor University Medical Center
3500 Gaston Ave.
Dallas, TX 75246

214-820-4110 fax

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