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We have a computer system on our Zeiss microscope which enables us to take 
photo-micrographs of an entire section, such as a rodent brain, or whole 
xenograft in our case, and put the photo on a CD to use in presentations, 
posters, etc.  It's called a Matrix system, and works similar to 
Chromavision, but is cheaper.  The stage is motorized, and is programmed 
to move to take sequential photographs of a section on a slide, and then 
put them all together for an intact photo.  I love it - you can probably 
contact Zeiss for more info.

Jackie O'Connor
Abbott Labs

Lucy Teves 
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08/03/2004 03:17 PM

        Subject:        [Histonet] scanners

Hello, I'm looking for a scanner that will scan whole mounted
histological samples on regular slides. I would like to show whole rat
brain.  Which product  do  you recommend?
Thanks in advance

Lucy Teves
Lab Manager
Neuroprotection Lab.

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