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From:Gayle Callis

If you are buying eosin Y, already made up, check the MSDS, and the pH, it 
may be adjusted correctly.  I know that this is the case for Richard Allan 
Eosin Y solution.  If you are making up eosin y from the dry dye, then the 
recipe is (Hrapchak and Sheehan)

eosin y   0.5g
95% ethanol  50 ml
glacial acetic acid    1 drop

If you are adjusting already made up, use acetic acid.

At 01:44 PM 8/13/2004, you wrote:
>We are looking at pHing our eosin to the correct pH, instead of just using 
>it straight from the bottle.  What should we use to adjust the pH?  Should 
>it be 1N sodium hydroxide or  1N hydrochloric acid?
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