Re: [Histonet] Spleen autofluorescence

From:Sharon Cooperman

I have had pretty good luck quenching autofluorescence in FFPE spleen 
with sodium borohydride 0.5 mg/ml in PBS pH 8.0 x 10 minutes x 3 
changes.  It works better than H2O2 for me.


>Hi histonetters,
>Apologies if my query is really basic but I am wanting to do immunofluorescent
>antibody staining on mouse spleen sections (paraffin-embedded) and am seeing a
>lot of autofluorescence, which I presume is due to platelets. Is there any way
>around this problem?
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>Molecular Medicine Centre,
>Western General Hospital,
>EH4 2XU.
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