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From:"Alton D. Floyd"

Hello Kim,

There are at least three companies which are developing instruments for
creating the "virtual slide" or "electronic slide".  They are
MicroBrightfield, Interscope and Aperio.  Each uses somewhat different
technology, and each generates extremely large files (hundreds of
megabytes).  One you have such a large file, it very time consuming to
perform image analysis, unless you chop the file up into more manageable
pieces.  It can be done, but at the current state of technology
development, it may not be the time saver you are looking for.  

You might also look at the offerings from Chromavision.  This company
also offers a scanning microscope, that can find objects at low
magnification (assuming a specific stain), and then return to that area
of the slide and grab a higher resolution image.  Similar capability can
be found in the Ariol offering from Applied  Image.  It would also be
possible to create a system to do this using a general image analysis
program such as ImagePro, Northern Eclipse, Aphelion, or others, but this
would need a considerable amount of customization.

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