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Hi Deb,
      Coming from a company with a large interest in microscopes, the
physics of film vs. glass would limit the use of advanced optical
techniques. Interference contrast, and plain cross polars for crystal
screening would be difficult if not impossible. The use of objectives above
the 4X and 10X would be compromised. With the optical problems of  film,
Leica has waited till we could produce a glass coverslipper.

Don Birgerson
Leica Microsystems
Technical Assistance Center
1-800-248-0123  ext 5918

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Hello again,

I'm looking for opinions on the subject of glass coverslippers versus tape
coverslipping.  I have the opportunity to decide on a system.  My only
experience has been with tape coverslipping.  I understand machines  that
coverslip are slower than tape systems. Is the refractive index  better
with glass
coverslips under the microscope?  Opinions pros/cons are  appreciated.

Deb King, HT(ASCP)
Sacramento, CA
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