Re: [Histonet] Bubbles in Thick Sections - Suggestions?


I must have missed something, but why are you cutting sections 20-30 um to 
look at CD31?
Sections of what?

Curious in Abbott Park

Phillip Huff 
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08/12/2004 11:02 PM

        Subject:        [Histonet] Bubbles in Thick Sections - Suggestions?

We cut sections of tissue between 20 um and 30 um thick to view blood 
vessels after being stained with CD31. We also section tissue at 
thicknesses of 12 to 16 um for our H+E stains. 
We sometimes get bubbles when we coverslip with non-aqueous mounting media 
and hate to see them in well-stained slides. Does anyone have any 
suggestions for not getting bubbles in thick sections of tissue? After the 
last xylene step we allow the sections to dry to ensure that the tissues 
are not wet and we are currently using CureMount II, a non-aqueous 
UV-cured mounting media from Instrumedics.
Help me destroy the bubble monster! Please....
Thanks in advance,

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