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Yes, I had this problem before.  Turns out that the slides we were using, StatLab's Histobond, were supercharged and the stain was repelled from the sections.  We use the Ventana Benchmarks and we were getting no staining in the center of the slide.  The way we tested the slides was by taking a few slides from different suppliers and putting some buffer on them while they are laying flat.  Take some hematoxylin or NFR and put a drop in the middle of the slide with the buffer on it.  If the slides are overcharged you will see the stain migrate to the edges of the slides rather than mixing evenly like they are supposed to.  Hope this helps.

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To my colleagues:

I have a question.Is anyone out there having occasional staining(orlack of staining on IHc slides?) I was told that the charge or the way the slides are charged can have (pardon the pun) a negative effect. Does anyone know /experience or have the scientific data for this?

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