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From:"Laurie Colbert"

We have the Ventana Nexes and we occasionally run special stains on smears.  We fix the smears in 95% alcohol and rinse before staining.

Laurie Colbert

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Subject: [Histonet] Staining smears

A question, if you will.  Does anyone out there know of a method to
stain peripheral and bone marrow smears on an automated stainer (we
recently obtained a Ventana Nexes).  I'm referrring to the routine iron
stains we usually run on several smears, along with the
paraffin-embedded marrow clot slides.  Right now, I'm running the
paraffin sections on the stainer, and doing the smears by hand for fear
of losing the smears on the machine.  Any ideas?  Peace,  Terre

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