RE: [Histonet] Private responses - well said, Barry!

From:"Philip Bergin"

My 2 cents worth too!  I have just finished a research PhD and have found
the Histonet to be of great help (consequently I seem to hardly ever have
anything helpful to say myself!).  A lot of the stuff that was helpful
hadn't even thought of- it was just in the answers to anothers questions.
So I find the responses really helpful.....

As for salespeople- they seem to be great as well.  The only time I remember
them being annoying was a few years back when someone kept on advertising
new products all the time.  I still find answers from salespeople incredibly
helpful- even if they do talk about their own product!  

Histonet has been great- I think I have learn't more about
histology/cytometry/antibodies/beer/ and the weather in different countries
then I have from all my time at university (and its been a long time!).  I
have also learn't a great respect for your sense of community (shown by the
great response to the Steve Slapp tragedy).  I do believe that if people
stop responding and being able to give their own opinion then a lot of
people won't have the chance to get from Histonet what I have and that is a
tragedy.  If you disagree with someone opinion, but character attacks and
flaming ruin it for everyone- delete is always there!

Also, I personally would like to know what vendors are so ashamed and unable
to sell their equipment when people give their honest opinions of it.  If
the equipment is so bad that you have to complain to a persons boss when
they describe their experience with it, then it must be really bad!
Personally I like peoples opinions, if they are wrong, then could you please
explain to the rest of us why they are wrong- much more useful!

If you've made it this far then thanks to everyone who spends their time
helping out the rest of us that really don't know that much!



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I completely agree with Gayle! This list is invaluable to most of us 
working in the field.

Gayle Callis wrote:

>   Pam and all,
>   Too  many  people forget  or ignore the fact that some individuals who
>   are  experts  in the field of histotechnology are not employed in just
>   clinical  or research laboratories.  If one is involved with a company
>   doing  technical  research  and  development of a product destined for
>   histoland,    then  they  are  should  be  very  welcome  to  comment.
>   Knowledge  should  not  be  smothered (flames!)   I don't see you as a
>   salesperson,  but  a valuable resource providing me with information I
>   can choose to use or not.  All part of the learning experience.
>   Complaints = delete button.
>    At 10:13 AM 8/5/2004, you wrote:
>     I  agree with both Gayle and Barry yet have one reservation.  I was
>     hit  several  times  on  this  server  for  answering  very general
>     questions and told salespeople should not be on HistoNet.  Although
>     my  answers  had  nothing to do with any product we sell and by the
>     way   I   am  not  a  sales  person,  just  technical  and  product
>     development.  After the second incident that several others came on
>     and  agreed  we were not welcome I stay off 99% of the time.  It is
>     difficult to walk the line here and not be on privately only.  I do
>     agree that if it is a sales pitch it should not be on the line as a
>     reply that should be private answers only.
>     Thanks for letting me say this and I hope no one is offended.
>     Pam Marcum
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>          > Thank you Barry - very well said.
>          >
>          > Gayle Callis
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>          > Research Histopathology Supervisor
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>          > At 09:02 AM 8/5/2004, you wrote:
>          >
>          >  >I hate to see the word "flamed" as here in sunny Houston it
>          has been in
>          > >the upper 90s for about 2 weeks.
>          > >
>          >   >While  I  appreciate  people's  perception  about  getting
>          "flamed" when they
>          >  >have  posted items, I have a real problem with posting most
>          items
>          > >privately.
>          >  >Histonet  is  an extremely valuable resource and there is a
>          vast amount of
>          >  >expertise  available. It is only logical for this knowledge
>          and
>          > >experience to be f! reely shared.
>          >  >I  can't  say  that  I  have  been "flamed" (or even mildly
>          scorched) but
>          > >sometimes I make mistakes and post incorrect information. It
>          is a
>          >  >valuable  learning  experience  for  me  and all interested
>          parties to have
>          >  >any  errors corrected. Sometimes it is matter of perception
>          and how
>          >  >criticism  is  leveled  (being brutally frank is not a good
>          attitude).
>          >  >"Flaming"  may  be  perceived  by  one  individual  to have
>          occurred while
>          > >another may regard a response as constructive criticism.
>          > >If anyone here gets "flamed" or has their employer contacted
>          by a
>          >  >company  about a posting then please let us know. Companies
>          do respond
>          >  >positively  to  public  opinion. Any companies with such an
>          attitude this
>          >  >should  be held accountable and so should employers for not
>          telling the
>          > >company or their representative to take a hike.
>          >  >I  do  believe t! hat if someone requests private responses
>          that this be
>          >!
>          ;  >re  spected.  Second,  I  believe  that when responding one
>          should be careful
>          > >when criticizing a piece of equipment or a company. Negative
>          criticism
>          >  >sticks  and  while  this  may  be  true  for  a  particular
>          individual it could
>          >  >be  an  isolated  incident  and  due  to  many factors. Not
>          everyone knows
>          >  >how  to  deal  effectively  with  companies  (and not every
>          company knows how
>          >  >to  deal  responsibly  with  customers).  I think that such
>          listings should
>          > >be private. The individual who receives these could then let
>          us know
>          > >about the final results in the form of a summary.
>          >  >If  I  am  to  get  "flamed" for this or any other postings
>          please include
>          >  >"flamed"  at the start of the message so that I don't' just
>          think that
>          > >the response is constructive criticism.
>          > >Barry
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