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From:Gary Gill

CAS-200 Workstation:  There have
been others, though most have died.

Gary Gill

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Hello everyone,
Years ago, I heard of a machine that you could load an entire slide into,
scan the slide and then do image analysis on the tissue.  I have no idea who
made this machine or even how to search for such a thing on the internet (or
the histonet archives).  If anyone has the name of this company, can someone
please let me know.
I am currently doing measurements of pancreatic islets as well as
measurements of whole mouse pancreas'.  I am needing to take 4-6 pictures
per pancreas in order to do this, and it is very time consuming (these
studies have up to 90 animals in them).  I need a quicker and easier way to
do this!

Kim Merriam
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