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We currently use the tape system at one of our sites since we have to ship
the slides immediately.  That is the ONLY benefit I have seen, the slides
are clean, dry, and ready to ship within minutes.  The tape does not give
the same refractive index, sometimes gives a cracked or creased appearance,
and falls off the slide after about 2-5 years, often taking the tissue with
it.  I would not recommend the tape system.

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Hello again,
I'm looking for opinions on the subject of glass coverslippers versus tape  
coverslipping.  I have the opportunity to decide on a system.  My only  
experience has been with tape coverslipping.  I understand machines  that
coverslip are slower than tape systems. Is the refractive index  better with
coverslips under the microscope?  Opinions pros/cons are  appreciated.
Deb King, HT(ASCP)
Sacramento, CA
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