[Histonet] re hand processing rat brain-problem


I think it's probably the wax infiltration stage at 600C that's causing the problem  ;-))
Seriously...don't know.  I process rat and mouse brain( perfused and immersion-fixed) but with  much longer times in alcohol and xylene ( my earlier post). No probs so far. It may be inadequate perfusion- fixation...I've had tissue disintegration with this before. May be someone's cocked up the processing reagents...........( checking the block surface after a week will confirm any inadequacy in processing )
Re processing by hand: I don't have high volume either but certainly justify having an automated 'dip'n'dunk' processor......put it on and walk away. I still deal with people who refuse to use a processing machine.....why? Fine if it's costs ie you can't afford it. Otherwise.......reminds me again of the old argument regarding the inadequacies of synthetic mounting media when compared to Canada Balsam for example.......who uses it now? ( think of the trees.........)

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