[Histonet] division of "LAB"or, iron stain


 Division of labor--I am the Sr. IHC Tech for a large hospital corporation 
and my experience is that a division of labor functions best when the lines are 
defined. I offered temporary help assisting autopsies because the full time 
autopsy assistant would call in sick when bodies would be available to be 
autopsied (member of the team, right?) I was on call every weekend for 6 years. When 
I finally put my foot down and took a week off to go to the NSH convention, I 
was assured by my supervisor that the morgue would be covered by assistants  
from other sources. I offered to train them and my boss told me they were 
already fully trained . I was called back from the convention a day early because 
none of the people called in were fully trained and I was held accountable 
(bad annual review which specifically mentioned that one week) for the SNAFU even 
though my job description has no mention of autopsy responsibility.   Also 
the housekeeping staff had the habit of forgetting to take out the trash in the 
morgue, so I decided to be a team player and toss the trash myself when they 
"forgot". When the noble housekeeping staff found out that I would do this they 
stopped taking out the trash altogether. I earned back their respect (their 
fear?) only after complaining via e-mail cc'd to their supervisor's manager, 
and threats to report the manager to the VP for creating a dangerous 
environment.   Six years of trusting that people would do the right thing if given the 
chance did nothing but turn me into a Macheavellian. I don't care if the 
houskeeping staff likes me or not. They earned my disdain, and now my hospital is 

Iron stain-- maybe it is negative. 
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