ASCP has their preliminary latest survey on line


Click on 2003. (2002 has the complete, 2 part report, if you are still

Usually, ASCP does the survey every other year (on the even years 2000,
2002) and reports the findings in the following year (2001, 2003).

However, ASCP  felt that the market was changing so fast that they did
another survey on the off year, last year (2003) and are reporting is out
this year (2004).

In general, vacancies are less than the previous year, and wages increased a
small percent (2-5% for most).

When I did a review, histotechs (HT) are still one of the most needed, when
compared to the rest of the labs.

PBT = 6.1% (of labs reporting shortages)
HT = 6.0%
MLT = 5.9%
MT = 4.3%
CT = 4.3%
HTL = 3.6%

For Supervisors, histology is leading the vacancy rate:

HT/HTL - Supervisor = 4.9% (of labs reporting shortages)
MT - Supervisor = 3.3%
PBT - Supervisor = 2.7%
MT - Manager = 1.9%
CT - Supervisor = 1.6%
MLT - Supervisor = 1.2%

One change appears that ASCP is sampling the CMS (Centers for Medicare and
Medicaid) database, rather than using ASCP's list of supervisors who are
ASCP registered and still ASCP members. That gave the survey access to more

Hope some of you can use this information.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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