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From:"Barbara Lentz"

The only "precipitation" we've had on our slides seems to come from the
silver stains.  I've tweaked the procedures to decrease time in the
silver reagent and have been rather successful in eliminating the
precip.  Other times, when the slides appeared "dirty" on all the slides
from a particular run, we found there was a blockage in the line from
the bulk fluids (this was noticed when the inventory showed a great
decrease in the fluid level, however, the actual fluid level was
significantly higher.  We instituted a few maintenance measures:  twice
a month, we run 95% ETOH through all the lines and once a month,
emptying the bulk fluids and bleaching them (including the lids).  This
has also cut down on the fungal contamination we also experienced.

We also experienced a few bad lots of reagents--they leaked excessively
(left puddles).  Dako was very good about replacing the kits.  We have
been looking for another stain system to replace the Artisan, since,
after Dako took over, they do not reimburse for expired reagent kits.

>>>  08/12/04 12:16PM >>>
Hello everyone,
I'm interested in more feedback from the Artisan stainer too.  Mostly, 

because in my very limited experience with it, it was disappointing. 
We  seemed to 
have a problem with precipitation on everything we ran. Then  other
the stains came out beautifully.  I made sure we did  valve rinses
after every 
run, but still couldn't problem solve to any  reliability with the
stains.  I 
wanted so much for this machine to work,  but decided in the end it
worth putting so much time into problem solving  precipitated slides
on busy, stressful days!)  I feel there is  a "missing link" in my
because more often than not, I see histonet  posting about how much
others in 
histoland love the Artisan.
Deb King, HT(ASCP)
Sacramento, CA
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