[Histonet] RE: replies to immunostaining on technovit 8100

From:"PALMER Jason (SVHM)"


	Thanks Pam Marcum and Gayle (especially) for your thoughtful responses.
	Perhaps I should have been clearer as to why we want to use this rather than paraffin - the tissues we collect are grown on a PLGA (a polymer of lactic and glycolic acids) scaffold, which melts / distorts at any temp above 45 degrees c, not to mention in alcohols,acetone, xylene and the like. Hence our desire to avoid paraffin. Technovit 8100 polymerises at zero degrees, so no heat needed at all, and we use inert dehydration to remove excess water from the PLGA / tissues. And, supposedly immunohistochemistry compatible....
	And yes, I got the mouse and rat confused with the antibody - mouse anti rat ED1 it is!
	Jason Palmer
	Bernard O'Brien Institute of Microsurgery
	Melbourne, Australia

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