[Histonet] QDots aka nanocrystals

From:Gayle Callis


Would love to work with them, bet they are pricey although I am twisting 
arms hard!  The initial work with breast cancer markers looked interesting, 
and I have heard buffer and pH requirements were picky (this is in past 
tense since I viewed staining protocol on website). BE sure to use 
Strepavidin/biotin blocking, from VECTOR.  The joy of these nanocrystals is 
that they do not photobleach and are extremely bright.   If you do work 
with them let us in on results, and good luck!   There is a confocal 
listserver out of Buffalo,  easy subscribing, etc. People who do confocal 
work are beginning to use these more and more, there will be 
questions/answers like Histonet on this listserver - a good place to see 
what is going on

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