[Histonet] Placenta disposal

From:Cindy DuBois

We have a CAP standard which states all processed tissues blocks are to be
kept 5 years.  Gross only specimens are to be kept 2 weeks.

We keep the wet tissue 3 weeks (just to make sure).  However, our lab
manager was kind enough to offer an "archival" system to the hospitals we
service as an added incentive to keep their business.  This means we now
receive, process and block every single placenta and keep the blocks 20
years !!  This has created a huge storage problem for us.  We only cut the
blocks on the cases where the placenta is abnormal, or there was a birthing
or baby problem.  All others have a "tag" in them and we store them w/o
cutting.  I can only remember on 2 occasions(we have been doing this for 3
years) where we had to go back and process the archived blocks.

Cindy DuBois, HT ASCP
Delta Pathology Assoc.
Stockton CA

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