[Histonet] Migrating to Canada - Looking for Job Opportunity

From:"Muhammad Tahseen"

 Dear Histoneter,
  Mr. Sohail Asif, a very close friend of mine has got Canadian Immigration
and moving there later this month. Basically he is a Medical Technologist of
clinical side (specially Flowcytometry, Hematology and Clinical Chemistry),
who worked in our hospital for about ten years. I would like to request all
of you that if you or your organization can consider him for the job of
Medical Technologist. He is a multiskilled technologist and can work
anywhere in pathology.
 His qualification and experience is almost in the final phase of
registration with CSMLS, he'll get this in a month or so.
 Please find below his brief CV, if you find any opportunity, please feel
free to contact him for detailed CV/information.
 Thanks in advance.
 Muhammad Tahseen

I. Personal Information
 Name : Sohail Asif
 Date of Birth : 05 July 1973
 E-MAIL                             :             sasiff@hotmail.com

 II. Working Experience
 A. July 1995 to August 2004
 Sr. Medical Technologist (Hematology/ Clinical Chemistry)
 Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Center, Lahore -
 B. December 1993 to June 1995
 Jr. Medical Technologist
 Lahore Lab, Lahore - Pakistan.

 A. Clinical Chemistry B.  Hematology C.  Blood Banking D.  Serology

 Hands on experience on following Instruments:
 Chemistry Vitros 550, 750, 950 Haematology Bayer Technicon H*3 RTC
 Kodak Ektachem Cell Dyne 2000 and 800
                          (DT 60 II, DTSC II, & DTE II.) XE-2100 (Sysmex).
 Roche/Hitachi 912 MLA Electra 900C & 750
 Bayer Technicon OPERA RA2010 Sysmex K1000, SE9500
 DPC Immulite Miles Hematek Slide Stainer
 Abbott TDx and Imx Sysmex CA500 for Coagulation
 CIBA Corning 248 Spectrophotometer POINTE 180
 CIBA Corning 410C Flame Photometer SEAC Screen Master & CH100
 NOVA Plus Blood Gas Analyzer MERCK Micro Lab
 SPOTCHEM SE - 1510 BM 4010
 Cytometry FACS Callibur (Four color) - BD Transfusion Services Baxter,
 Blood cell separator

 B. Medical Laboratory Technology (M.L.T), 1990-1992.
C. Diploma in computer application, 1994-1995.
 D. Short course on Hospital Management, October 2002.

 V. Training

 Key operator training for Vitros 950 by Ms. Christina Winneroth of
Ortho-Clinical Diagnostics, Strasbourg, France.

 In House
 A. Operators Trouble Shooting training for H3 Hematology.
 B. Operators Trouble Shooting training for MLA 900c/750C Coagulation Timer
 C. Operators Trouble Shooting training for Opera 2000 Chemistry System.
 D. Key operator training for Vitros 550, 750 (Ektachem Kodak).
 E. Key operator training on FACS-Caliber (Becton Dickinson).
 F. Internal Quality Auditing for ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System.
 G. Theoretical and Practical Training on Sysmex Coagulation Analyzer Model

 VII. Awards
 A. A certificate of dedicated service for the Hospital by SKMCH & RC.
 B. Best performance award for five years of service from SKMCH & RC.
 C. Best effort award for achievement of ISO 9002 Certification.
 D. Long Service Award October 2002.
 E. Quality Management System Certification of Pathology Department

 A. An Affiliate Member of IBMS. (UK), Membership no: 330248
 B. A. P. M. L. T. (Pakistan), Membership no: 652
 C. Subscribed Member of CSMLS (Canada), Membership no: 1007463/S

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