[Histonet] Fluorescence and photobleaching discussion

From:"Johnson, Teri"

Gayle writes: **Vector has VectaShield Hard Set that is supposed to work
also.  It is 
nice to have an aqueous mounting media for fluorescent work that sets up


I have used this product and I don't like it.  Initially I did because
it is thin in consistency and spreads well. However, with time, thick
specimens (12 microns) developed air pockets in some of them.  Having
learned this, I used more on the next batch of slides, and ended up with
the same problem.  Also, they state that you can easily remount if
necessary by soaking in water to remove the coverslip.  It took 3 days
before the coverslip was loose enough to remove, and remounting wasn't
really satisfactory for the coverslips that had cultured cells on it.
Some of the cells adhered to the glass slide.
Others in our facility use this stuff and love it.

Teri Johnson
Managing Director Histology Facility
Stowers Institute for Medical Research
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