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Sounds great - however I'm writing this from my laptop on a direct flight from Chicago to Bora Bora.  I've brought the BB's along with me to soak in South Pacific seawater (saline).   Thanks for the offer, however.  Charleston will sound a lot more enticing around January in Chicago.


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08/27/2003 03:39 PM

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I think I've got an easier solution for you.
pack an overnight bag and start driving toward Charleston (you won't need much in the way of clothing here) we'll find a place for you in the lab here and those little BBs will be someone else's headache. by the time they realize you're gone you'll already be far enough away that you won't have to hear the crying and whining.
thought you should at least consider ALL of your options.

Hey sometimes I find myself fantasizing about running away but then I realize I am already here in Charleston and where else would I go???


>>> <Jackie.O'> 08/27/03 08:28AM >>>
Fellow histonetters:
I haven't done this in years.  I came in this a.m. to find the tissues on
my processor suspended in air over the first absolute alcohol station.
Apparently, the machine, a Shandon Citadel 2000, was moved too close to a
wall and stuck as it tried to rotate.  I have about 100 xenografts to
rescue.  Right now they all look and feel like bb's.  My plan is to
rehydrate them and reprocess them, but I have my doubts as to the quality
of the morphology and any subsequent IHC.  As I said, I haven't screwed up
a basket of tissue in years and years - so I would appreciate any new
ideas on possibly saving these tumors.  Thanks in advance.

Jackie O'Connor

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