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From:"Vinnie Della Speranza"

I recommend that you contact Marie Wright at  the Gulf Coast Research Laboratories of the Univ of Mississippi. She has extensive experience with crustaceans. 

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>>> Kathleen Roberts  08/20/03 10:03AM >>>
Good morning Histonetters-

I just got a seahorse from one of our university vets-he wants it
processed & stained with H& E.  It was fixed in Formalde-fresh buffered
formalin for nine days, and it needs to be decalcified.  Would anybody
happen to know how long it would take a seahorse to decalcify?  I've
done fish before, but not seahorses.  Any advice on processing would be
welcome as well.

(Yes, I know about the book Dr. Callis wrote on animal tissue
processing; it hasn't gotten here yet!  :o)

Thanks for all your help-
Kathleen Roberts
Principal Lab Technician
Molecular Pathology Core Facility
Dept of Pharmacology & Toxicology
Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
Rutgers University
41 B Gordon Rd
Piscataway, NJ 08854

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