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From:"Laurie Colbert"

I use xylene recycling pads from Creative Waste on my H&E stainer.  There are different size pads you can order to fit the containers of different stainers.  The pads contains little beads (which I assume are some sort of dessicant) that remove stain, alcohol, and water from the xylene.  We change the xylenes once a week (whereas we were changing them daily previously).  I was told we could go much longer without changing, but I'm being conservative for now.  We will probably increase the time between changes.  I've been using these pads for about a month and we've had no problems.
I am not associated with Creative Waste in any way, and if you would like to contact them their number is (888) 795-8300.  They are located in Oregon.
Laurie Colbert
Huntington Memorial Hospital
Pasadena, CA
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Sent: Wednesday, August 20, 2003 1:39 PM
Subject: [Histonet] humidity

A few weeks a ago, Histonet has been discussed humidity cause smear or bloody eosin stain.  Somebody suggested leaving a mesh or stone in alcohol and xylene can avoid the bloody eosin stain.  Can anyone tell me again where can I get this mesh?  Thanks a lot.
Yan Gao

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