[Histonet] New Histonet Listserver IMPORTANT INFORMATION


Dear Histonetters:
As you have all likely noticed we have changed the Histonet server to a new and actually better program (our University made changes to the computers which made this change manditory).  Herb Hagler diligently transfered everyone from the old list to the new one. 
In the new system, to make changes to your subscription you now need to go to the website  address that was in the intro message that was sent to you this morning. YOU CAN NO LONGER PUT A COMMAND IN THE SUBJECT OF A MESSAGE TO MAKE A CHANGE TO YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.
At the website you can switch to the digest mode. There are other useful features including an archive, ways to stop mail for vacations etc.  The digest mode will be more user friendly and readable. 
Unfortunately, the web site was down this am but it is back up now so for those of you trying to change to digest, please try now or later today.
Give it a few days or so for everything to get settled then let me know if you are having problems.  Sorry about the inconvenience.
Linda M
Histonet administrator

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