zinc again

From:Joey Shepherd (by way of Histonet)

Hi everyone,

sorry, I forgot to say I'm using Zinc TRIS not formalin.

At 4:51 pm +0100 13/8/03, Joey Shepherd wrote:
>Afternoon all!
>I'm going to try zinc fixation (fixer from Pharmingen) on some mouse
>limbs for 24-48hr, then decalcify in 20%EDTA. I usually decalc.
>after formalin fixation but the antigens I'm after (CD4, CD19..)
>aren't liking that, hence the zinc. However, I have a question about
>this before I go ahead- will the EDTA somehow strip the zinc as well
>as the calcium from the sections, or will it be stable after the
>fixation step? My boss has raised concerns about this. He also seems
>to think that "EGTA" is an excellent calcium chelator with a lower
>avidity for clacium - does anyone use this instead of EDTA?

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