Welcome to the "Histonet" mailing list


Welcome to the Histonet@lists.utsouthwestern.edu mailing list! Welcome
to HISTONET. This is an electronic mailing list for the exchange of
information pertaining to histotechnology and related fields. WHAT ARE
THE RULES? You may post any questions you wish pertaining to
histology, pathology, in-situ hybridization, immunohistochemistry etc.
Equipment and reagent evaluations, laboratory management issues,
government regulations, and job opportunities are all appropriate
topics. The University asks that we restrict the use of its hardware
and software to business purposes only (occasional jokes do slip
through but PLEASE use restraint). Vendors and those with commercial
interests in histology products are welcome contributors however, we
ask that blatant advertisements be avoided at all times. It is fine to
refer to product that your company produces if it is pertinent to a
topic being discussed on the list. Unsolicited advertisements are
poorly tolerated by the members and you will likely receive a number
of negative comments if you overstep the boundaries. Please contact
Linda Margraf at LMargraf@childmed.dallas.tx.us if you are not sure
about the appropriateness if a message you wish to post.

BASIC HISTONET "NETIQUETTE" It is most helpful to the list members if
you post your responses to queries to everyone on the list and not
just as a personal reply to the person asking the question. That way
duplicate messages are minimized and we all learn from each other's

Likewise, if you post a question and get a number of responses back
directly to you, it is helpful to everyone if you could send out a
summary of the replies you got to Histonet.

Please avoid abbreviations unless they are explained in your message.
For example: immunohistochemistry (IHC). This list circulates to a
wide variety of individuals and what seems obvious to you may have no
meaning on the other side of the world.

Please sign your letter and include your institution or affiliation
and location. Not all email systems have headers which identify the

Do use the subject line to indicate the topic of your message. 

DON'T USE ONLY CAPITAL LETTERS -it is considered shouting. 

Please send questions and problems about the list directly to Linda
Margraf at LMargraf@childmed.dallas.tx.us and don't circulate them to
the >850 subscribers on the list. Be careful when sending commands to
the server to put the command in the SUBJECT LINE and spell it

Please do not send images as attachments with your message. We can now
post images at our web site (http://pathcuri1.swmed.edu). To have an
image posted send it to Herb Hagler at herb.hagler@email.swmed.edu. 

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