Shelf life of silanised slides

From:"Chan Wai Kam" (by way of Histonet)

Hi Histonetters,

I posted this a couple of weeks ago but it did not go through.  So I'm
resending this.

Does anyone know the shelf life of silanised slides prepared in the lab?
I used a batch of slides prepared a few months back and found that my
sections are coming out during staining.
I also noticed that the sections does not stick fast to the slides when
fishing them out from the hot water bath during sectioning.  Had no
problems with freshly prepared silanised slides, so I concluded that the
positive charge did not last beyond a certain period of storage. Does
anyone know how long we can keep them?

Formerly I used slides coated with gelatine/glycerine but found that the
cartilage part curls during staining.  Besides silanised slides, is
there any other type of adhesive for good adhesion for cartilage?  Would
drying the slides at high temperature help?

Julee C
Experimental Surgery Lab
Orthopaedic Surgery
National University of Singapore
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