Re: paraffin for processing mice parts

From:Jackie.O' (by way of Histonet)

Margaret -
I routinely process whole mouse limbs (decalcified) through a routine mouse
program (45 mins in graded alcohols and 55 mins x2 paraffin). I use Richard
Allen type 6 paraffin for processing and embedding (just my preference) - I
don't find the need for any additional infiltration - and my IHC and ISH
are fine.

Jacqueline M. O'Connor HT(ASCP)
 Abbott Laboratories
 Global Pharmaceutical Research and Development
 Discovery Chemotheraputics
 Fax 847.938.3266

    "DiCarlo, Margaret"  (by way of Histonet)

08/13/2003 06:19 PM
        Subject:        paraffin for processing mice parts


 I have the opportunity to use a tissue processor to process decaled mice
 forearms and hind legs. (Presently I've been manually processing which takes
 much longer.)  However, I must use a combined paraplast and paraplast extra
 in the tissue processor.  After 3 changes of this combined paraffin should I
 put the tissue in a fourth paraffin of Tissue Prep II in a vacuum oven for
 another two hours or can I just embed but embed with the Tissue Prep II ?
 Will using different paraffins have any effect on cutting  the tissue and
 doing future immuno's?   I would appreciate any advice.

 Peggy DiCarlo HT (ASCP)
 Orthopedics Bone Lab
 Buffalo General Hospital

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