Re: isnt it easier to unsubscribe while on vacation?


When I enable my "Out of Office" message, I am able to make exceptions to who gets the message (We use Lotus Notes).  This toolbar says "Do not automatically reply to mail from these people or groups", and it prevents my out of office message from going to Histonet. I still get all the postings to go through when I return.   I would assume that if people are using work-based email systems for histonet, (Why else would out of office messages be sent) they may have the same option, and just don't know it.  

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Jose Luis Palazon Fernandez <>

08/01/2003 12:49 AM

        Subject:        isnt it easier to unsubscribe while on vacation?

I think that people must unsubscribe from the list while on vacation. more than a half of the mails I am reciving from the list are "out of office" replies. Is it possible that the list-moderator could unsubscribe them until they come back from vacation?

Jos#233# Luis

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