Re: flash freezing, brain, and isopentane

Snap freeze the whole brain as it is almost its own "oct" type matrix. You wouls still want to use the oct as a method for sticking the brain onto the chuck or block holder.

08/04/03 12:16 PM

        Subject:        flash freezing, brain, and isopentane

I have a quick question regarding flash freezing of rat brain in freezing isopentane. Does anyone have an opinion on flash-freezing by simply dropping the brain into the isopentane versus placing it in a container with OCT or similar media and then placing this into the isopentane? I have been running into problems with both micro and macro cracking of the tissue.

Margaret McKinney.

Margaret McKinney
Brown University Medical School
97 Waterman St.
Providence, RI 02912

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