Re: coated slides

From:Carlos Defeo

At 08:48 a.m. 01/08/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>I am having problems with tissue staying on my slides after drying overnight
>in 37C oven and then one more night in a 60C oven.  The tissue is chicken
>leg knee joints.   They are formalin fixed, EDTA decaled, and paraffin
>embedded samples.  I think that coated slides may help.  Does anyone have a
>simple protocol for making coated slides to help this tissue stick?
>Thanks in advance for the help.
>Loralee Gehan
>University of Rochester

>   Loralle:
You  can  use  a  vinyl glue  like  Elmerīs, it  works  fine  in  cases
like you  are  describiyng. The  adhesion  properties  are  at  least
the  same  that  charged slides  when  you are  treating  samples
like  cartilage  and bone.
Good luck,Carlos.

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